Saturday, 10 February, 2018 - 15:14
Richter János Hangversenybérlet a Zeneakadémián

Season tickets have begun to sell at Richter Hall's ticket office in Győr, Hungary, for the new series at the Liszt Academy in Budapest honoring the 50th anniversary of the professional existence of the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra. This newly created series is named after János Richter, Győr-born world-famous conductor. The season ticket consists of four concerts featuring internationally acclaimed stars of the classical music genre who have all gladly accepted the musical partnership offered.

The first event is to be an evening of arias sung by Polina Pasztircsák and Dovlet Nurgeldiyev, followed by a show presenting celebrated trompet player, Sergei Nakariakov. The third concert of the series includes the debut performance of Dmitry Masleev, winner of the prestigious 2015 International Tschaikowsky Piano Competition. The conclusive, fourth episode of the series is scheduled to bring to Budapest one of the most applauded violinists of the world today, South Korean - American Sarah Chang

The opening concert is to be conducted by music director of the Nizza Philharmonic Orchestra, Mr. György Győriványi-Ráth while the rest of the events by GYPO's artistic director, Liszt Prize, and Meritorious Artist title holder Kálmán Berkes.

Season tickets for this exceptional musical journey are already available providing patrons a concessional price for the respective concerts. For further details go to or to the ticket ffice of the Liszt Academy in Budapest, Hungary. Lest you miss out on one of the most notable performances of 2018!