Tuesday, 11 May, 2021 - 14:01
 beres_marton_a zene hazhoz megy Győri Filharmonikus Zenekar

The Győr Philharmonic Orchestra last year had a successful initiative with its outdoor "street music" series that was unique in the country. During that campaign we believe we brought some bright colors into the pandemic-ridden and fearful lives of our fellow Győr residents. Various chamber formations of our orchestra as well as guest artists like organist Gergely Rákász have joined the project.  

These joyful performances were backed up by an excellent amplification system thus apart from our passersby public we have also reached people farther around standing on their home balconies or behind open windows. One memorable moment of these events had been incidentally captured by professional photographer Márton Béres of Hungarian newspaper "Népszava" who subsequently won 2nd prize with it in two categories at the 39th Hungarian Press Photo Competition.  
As mentioned above our "MUSIC IS GOING TO YOUR HOME" series included organist Gergely Rákász performing in Marcalváros, Győr. 
"I was intrigued by the challenge of playing the organ on the deck of a truck outdoor instead of in a concert hall or especially church with what everybody associates my instrument" - said the organist in an interview. 
Photographing these performances was an intricate task as the cameraman had to follow the whole process from the setting up of the makeshift "stage" to the disassembling thereof. He had to peep behind the non-existent curtain what audiences are normally not supposed to see. The main purpose of this GYPO initiative was to bring some pleasurable moments into people's lives stuck in their home most of the time. Live music truly binds the community together, relaxes tension and the eases the feeling of loneliness. 
"It was truly moving to be a witness Mr. Rákász's concert. While streets were generally abandoned one could all of a sudden hear the roars of applause. Goosebumps all over! 
In this year's Press Photo Competition pandemic-related photos were inevitably predominant but to counter them there was more than one report with pictures on our street music happenings. Adding to my joy was the positive feedback received on capturing the essential moments of this great initiative. It seems that the panel of judges were receptive of that too. Mr. Rákász was luckily fully cooperative during the process" - says Márton Béres who had actually won yet another prize! It is called the Zoltán Szalay Prize given for the best output to a photographer under 30 years of age. 
Our heartfelt congratulations go to Mr. Béres for his achievement! 
We hope to see you at our next concert.