Concerts in January

Saturday, 4 January, 2020 - 00:00

2020 is to be kicked off by the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra as on January 2 at the Audi Arena, Győr, where we are scheduled to play some magnificent operetta and musical numbers for the János Richter Season Ticket holders as well as for all music lovers. The show, dubbed "Song, Panache, and Passion", features leading artists of the Budapest Operette Theater, accompanied by our very own Győr orchestra, conducted by Márton Rácz. The visuals are to be enhanced by some truly spectacular dance choreographies, and customs.  
The National Philharmonic Orchestra's chief conductor, Zsolt Hamar, is back after opening the current Nikish series last fall. This time he is set to conduct music for the Tibor Varga Series' ticket holders on January 10 at Richter Hall, Győr. Program includes a Ravel, and an Hector Berlioz masterpiece, as well as a contemporary work by female composer Zsófia Tallér, best known for her contribution to film / theater music in Hungary. Her work entitled "Orchestra Suite" is to receive its premier performance at the concert.  

"There's another one up my sleeve" - that is the fun title of our 4pm January 19 concert at the University Concert Hall (former Synagogue). Chamber music pieces are on the menu from Vienna, such as Joseph Haydn's Piano Trio in G major, an Horn Quintet by Mozart, and Beethoven's String Quartet in C minor. Performers are all GYPO's artists, led by artistic director, Kálmán Berkes.  

Following our short winter break we resume with our popular youth program this time entitled "The Empire of Music". The Chamber Orchestra formed from GYPO members this time is set to give an interactive performance to bring our city's schoolkids closer to classical music. 

Our idea of playing music on a 140 square meter makeshift stage over a Győr swimming pool proved to be unique in the country. Further exhilarated by the popularity of it all our Carnival concert is going right back over the water again! The Aqua Sport Center event will not lack jokes and laughter this year either. We prepare some surprising moments for you in that unusual venue which is incidentally accustically quite good so only minimal amplification is necessary. Host of this joyful show on January 25, is Ádám Bősze, GYPO conducted by Kálmán Berkes.

2020 is a milestone year in the light of the fact that German composer Ludwig van Beethoven was born 250 years ago. Our opening 17/18 Ticket Series presentation, hosted by music historian dr. Balázs Szabó, pays tribute to his greatness by playing his Prometheus Overture, and his third, "Eroica" Symphony in E flat major on January 29. The orchestra is conducted by Kálmán Berkes.      
Beethoven's masterpiece is part of GYPO's program one day later in Sopron also, in the Ferenc Liszt Season Ticket Series. The other piece in Sopron is the eternally beautiful Violin Concerto in D major by Johannes Brahms, played by Katalin Kokas who is scheduled to repeat her performance on January 31 as well at Richter Hall, Győr, as a Nikish Series event. 

It is a great honor to take part this year in a musical marathon concert series created by the Budapest Festival Orchestra. The invited orchestras are expected to play an all-Beethoven program from morning till night! GYPO will contribute to this wonderful day by playing the Eroica symphony yet again on February 2 at the Palace of Arts in Budapest.