Thursday, 8 April, 2021 - 09:33

The Győr Philharmonic Orchestra had barely wrapped up the recording of a Tibor Varga season ticket series' concert mid-February, 2021, when soloist of that event, István Bolykó, began to prepare Horn Concerto in E flat major by Richard Strauss. Mr. Bolykó obviously likes challanges as he had also enrolled to the Croatia-based PaMus Flow Global International Wind Competition. For the known reasons of our covid-ridden days this time the event was held online and we can proudly report that in his age group he had been given the first prize!

"It has been a great pleasure to achieve this result as I had spent most of February practicing for GYPO's recorded concert dubbed "Oxford" and only after that could I earnestly focus on this competition and start working on the other horn concerto by Richard Strauss.
Apart from that concerto he had also prepared a contemporary piece for the competition. The unusual circumstances of the event has seriously put Mr. Bolykó to the test when he'd had to play his instrument accompanied by a pre-recorded piano part. 
"I'd been provided with a number by the organizers, after which I had 36 hours to upload my recordings." Well, the final result unequivocally shows that our brilliant horn player had performed beyond expectations.
To top that news, GYPO's clarinet principal, Dániel Anderkó, had also sent off his application recently to take part in the International Silverstein Works online competition. This firm is known to supply sundry wind instrument accessories and parts to clarinetists all over the world. Their latest developments at the time were even tested by GYPO members when in 2018 our city of Győr had hosted the European Clarinet Festival. Their clamps and reeds have been extensively used by our musicians ever since.
Awhile back during the first wave of the Covid pandemic Mr. Dániel Anderkó excitedly joined the Silverstein competition and performed a work by the well-known Hungarian clarinetist/composer/teacher Béla Kovács entitled "Hommage to Richard Strauss". That performance had in the end secured Mr. Anderkó the 6th place.
"I take it as a great success and honor considering the high number of almost 160 participants. An indication of how fair and square the competition had been was the fact that all the three rounds had had different selections of judges. As a recognition of my portfolio I became a member of the Silverstein Works Next Generation Artist program so I am likely to benefit of the company's products and innovations in the future" - says the artist proudly. 
Mr. Anderkó's prize is also a valuable feedback to the Győr Phil as it speaks volumes of the high standards of its artists.