GYFZ's Ilona Vábel awarded on Day of Hungarian Culture

Thursday, 26 January, 2023 - 08:32

The Day of Hungarian Culture has been celebrated every year on January 22 since 1989. Author of the Hungarian national anthem, Ferenc Kölcsey, had finished his beautiful poem on that winter day in 1823, exactly 200 years ago. Also, this is the day when the  municipality of the city of Győr recognizes those who do much for the city's cultural life by giving the "For Győr Arts" and the "For Győr Education" awards. 

It is our great pleasure to report that during a ceremony on Friday, January 20, 2023, the mayor of Győr, András Csaba Dézsi, handed out a laudaroty award to GYFZ employee, Ilona Vrábel. Ilona has been hired by GYFZ as an employment facilitator, also handling some of the orchestra’s financial and economical affairs. This award recognizes her conscientious, steady, reliable work that greatly contributes to the artistic entity's successful functioning.

After finishing the Miklós Révai Middle School, it was an obvious choice for Mrs. Vrábel to continue her studies "under the spell of figures and numbers" and become a professional accountant. 

"Before I came to work for the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra in 2016 I had worked at the Győr City Labrary, and also at the Cultural and Economical Service Center" - says Mrs. Vrábel.

Her average working day mainly revolves around keeping tight deadlines one after the other. Her indispensable problem-solving skills and smooth cooperation with the musicians play an important role in serving the management of the orchestra. Her room at Richter Hall is situated on the second floor where she regularly gets some background music seeping through from the surrounding rooms. 

"I tried playing the recorder as a child with not much success. On the other hand, I always loved singing very much. I enjoy listening to all the practicing around me every day. It gets me out of the rigorous world of numbers and law clauses" - continues Ilona.

GYFZ is housed in a dog-friendly environment! After a personal tragedy in 2021, Ilona asked her superiors to bring to work her cute little doggy called "Zsebi". She is a truly well-mannered, meek animal who quickly became everybody's sweetheart. In fact Zsebi loves to be in the center of attention and has already raked in numerous likes on the social media platforms as one of the faces of the orchestra!

Heartfelt congratulations from all staff members of the Győr Phil!