Thursday, 31 March, 2022 - 15:35

Internationally renowned harpsichord maker, Huw Saunders, was recently in Győr to strike a deal on a new harpsichord made for the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra. Mr. Saunders was here in Budapest to hear the maiden performance of his self-manufactured Kirckman-harpsichord commissioned by the Palace of Arts. His instrument was played by harpsichordist Augusztin Szokos. "The reference point in this case was harpsichordist / musicologist Miklós Csányi with whom I had met in England when he'd played a recital on an instrument manufactured by me. We have loosely been in touch ever since" - revealed to us Mr. Saunders and continued : "Shortly after I had received a commission from MÜPA to build a new two-manual harpsichord I was approached by Mr. Csányi who had kindly put me in touch with the Győr orchestra. It turned out that they also wish to add a new item to their instrument collection. We soon agreed that I would refurbish an old harpsichord of mine made back in 1995. Not a small challenge at all as this particular harpsichord is a very early work of mine. I gladly said yes to the request nonetheless."

If all goes according to plan the master's new/old harpsichord might be heard at Richter Hall in about a year from now. The painstaking work will be carried out in the master's London workshop where MÜPA's Kirckman-harpsichord had been built also. That lovely instrument is often used for solo recitals, chamber, and old music concerts.

"At Győr Phil's request I will make an English-style harpsichord. Its main characteristic is the size of it which is larger than French-style two-manual ones and also has a better projection" - concluded Mr. Saunders.