José Cura

World stars in Győr! GYPO joined by tenor José Cura, and soprano Andrea Rost for a memorable evening

The city’s own orchestra is soon to have the honor to host world-renown Argentine tenor José Cura, along with Kossuth, and Liszt Prize winner Hungarian soprano Andrea Rost, for a predictably splendid performance at 7pm, May 3, 2015.


Illényi Katica

Concert date changed

Dear season ticket holders and all concerned

The management of the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra hereby notifies the general public and season ticket holders of Tatabánya in particular that the joint performance of Katica Illényi and GYFZ, originally scheduled for December 19, 2014, is now rescheduled to be held two days earlier, thus the due date is the 17th of December, 2014.


wien musikverein

Viennese GYőr Philharmonic Orchestra concert tickets

It is our great pleasure to notify all GYPO fans and patrons that ticket sale has now commenced for GYPO’s Viennese afternoon concert at 3:30pm on April 11, 2015! 


A sevillai borbély


There is a change in the cast of Rossini's opera "The barber of Seville" scheduled to be performed on November 24, 2014, as part of the János Richter Season Ticket Series.


Német Requiem

The German Requiem Concerts

A special treat is in store from the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra to the general public  at the city’s Basilica at 7pm on October 29, 2014, as well as the day after at the same time in Veszprém’s concert hall called „ A Hangvilla” (The Tuning Fork).


A zene világnapja

International Day of Music

We would like to bring into your attention that on October 1, 2014, the first concert of  our János Richter Season Ticket Series is to take place marking this year’s International Day of Music at which GYPO will be conducted artistic director Kálmán Berkes.


Berkes Kálmán

Ticket sale at Richter Hall!

We would like to notify all our patrons, fans, and season ticket holders that ticket sale for all concerts of Gőr Philharmonic Orchestra’s season ticket series (except for two) has begun at Richter Hall.


Pannon Filharmonikusok

Élmény a fülnek!

The Győr Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2014/15 concert series dubbed „Pleasure to the ears” is to commence at 7pm on September 13, 2014, with the first performance of the Artur Nikisch Season Ticket Series. 


Széchenyi tér

Classical music on Győr’s baroque square

It promises to be light-hearted, wonderful entertainment when the Győr Philharmonic camps out on Széchenyi square to play a promenade show at 9pm on June 22, 2014. 


Richter Terem

Opening hours of Richter Hall

The box office of the Richter Concert Hall will close at 17:00 hours on Friday, 27 June 2014, and it will re-open at 10:00 hours on Thursday, 21 August 2014.