Dogadin Győri Filharmonikus Zenekar


It is a great relief and pleasure for us to see that the pandemic is slowly but surely easing up on us and apparently it has reached its final stages. This has brought us to the moment when we could acrually open the doors of Richter Hall at last. Nonetheless, caution is still our number one priority in terms of caring for public health. Our János Richter Season Ticket series presentation dubbed "Dogadin" could finally be held in front of an audience at 7pm, on June 1, 2021. 



The leadership of the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra had been working ceaselessly to finally make the long-awaited Amadeus Live Show happen. It is our great pleasure to announce that as a result of the negotiating process with our foreign parrtners we were able to finalize its date. The show is now going to be held on August 31, 2021, at the University Concert Hall in Győr, Hungary. Tickets purchased for the original date are of course valid for the event


 beres_marton_a zene hazhoz megy Győri Filharmonikus Zenekar


The Győr Philharmonic Orchestra last year had a successful initiative with its outdoor "street music" series that was unique in the country. During that campaign we believe we brought some bright colors into the pandemic-ridden and fearful lives of our fellow Győr residents. Various chamber formations of our orchestra as well as guest artists like organist Gergely Rákász have joined the project.  


Köszönjük Csiky Győri Filharmonikus Zenekar covid összefogás kultúra

Thanks, we stand united by you!

Some of our local cultural institutions, including the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra, have recently joined a campaign dubbed "THANKS, WE STAND UNITED BY YOU" launched by the Csíky Gergely Theater of Kaposvár.
The leading role players of our hapless Covid-19 ridden times are those working tirelessly in the forefront of our daily life every day: the ambulance, doctors, nurses, volunteers, soldiers, shop assistants, police, school teachers, and all those who make such tremendous efforts for our safety.

The applause the artists of our orchestra normally receive from our appreciative audiences is directed to them now.  GYPO has joined the above-mentioned campaign on the "International Day of the Theaters", March 27, 2021. The leadership of GYPO hereby encourages everyone to open their windows of their home at the normal starting time of our concerts, 7pm, and put their hands together for those who have been working hard for our health for quite some time now. 


Megdicsőült éj Győri Filharmonikusok schönberg mozart


"Still presented"  in the middle of the dramatic Covid-19 pandemic only smaller formations of the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra rehearse. However, our Károly Flesh season ticket series' concert dubbed "Transfigured Night" is scheduled to be broadcast as usual. You may listen to it online on March 28 at the same time the live concert was advertised. Our musicians are to perform the C major String Quintet by W. A. Mozart, as well as Anton Schönberg's work caĺled Transfigured Night. Hosted by artistic director Kálmán Berkes, this program is broadcast in the YouTube and Soundcloud portals as always.



The Győr Philharmonic Orchestra herewith notifies all interested parties about the upcoming audition for the following positions:

Violin tutti
Double Bass tutti
Solo 1. Flute
Solo 1. Bassoon 

Time of audition : June 15-17, 2021



The Győr Philharmonic Orchestra had barely wrapped up the recording of a Tibor Varga season ticket series' concert mid-February, 2021, when soloist of that event, István Bolykó, began to prepare Horn Concerto in E flat major by Richard Strauss. Mr. Bolykó obviously likes challanges as he had also enrolled to the Croatia-based PaMus Flow Global International Wind Competition. For the known reasons of our covid-ridden days this time the event was held online and we can proudly report that in his age group he had been given the first prize!


Thank you very much for your support!

Dear Patrons,

Although the current pandemic situation does not allow us to meet you in person we sincerely trust that it will soon come to an end and GYPO will be onstage LIVE again 
to present you some memorable performances. 



Dear Customers,

The box office of the Richter Concert Hall is temporarily CLOSED from 28th January till 22nd March 2021.



Amadeus Live!

The Győr Philharmonic Orchestra these days is busy working full-steam on making the long-awaited Amadeus Live project happen some time this year. In spite of the tough and challenging times we are now all living in we did manage to narrow the potential dates for this movie soundtrack concert down to two dates.