Japanese Fairy Tale

Tuesday, 28 February, 2023 - 09:53

The Győr Philharmonic Orchestra has recently had an illustrious guest when Japanese embassador of Hungary, Mr. Otaka Masato, had accepted our invitation. He was the guest of honor at the Richter Hall concert dubbed "Fairy Tale" conducted by Belgian conductor Martijn Dendievel. After the full-house performance the embassador was greeted by all the Japanese members of the orchestra.

"The evening was fantastic, your city of Győr is extremely lucky to have an outstanding ensemble like GYPO" - said kindly Mr. Masato. The diplomat stressed what a significant role Győr plays in the country's  cultural life to which an increasing number of Japanese artists contribute not only in music but in ballet, and even in the Japanese sport of kendo.

The embassador also cited the statistics that currently approximately 30 Japanese students study at the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest who can in the future help introduce the diverse Japanese cultural traditions to the Hungarian public.

As commonly known our orchestra has had more than one tour in Eastern Asia in the past few years. Thanks to GYPO's artistic director, Kálmán Berkes, who had taught music at the Musashino Academy of Music for 25 years, our company has some rather solid relations with the land of the rising sun. 

"The visit of the embassador is a great honor to us. The Japanese members of our orchestra have the humility to fit into our Győr family. They all do their best to pick up the European traditions and styles that make GYPO so successful locally and internationally too" - concluded general director, Géza Fűke.