Liszt-Berlioz Marathon

Friday, 5 February, 2021 - 00:00
GYFZ Liszta Berlioz Maraton MÜPA

Mega-concert dubbed Liszt-Berlioz Marathon, produced jointly by the Budapest Festival Orchestra and the Palace of Arts, is solely held online this year. The Győr Philharmonic Orchestra proudly takes its time slot in the notable event performing the Symphony Fantastique by the outstanding French composer, Hector Berlioz. 

"It is always a great pleasure to play in the Béla Bartók Concert Hall that invariably makes us even more motivated" - enthuses the director of GYPO, Géza Fűke. "Because of the pandemic the Liszt-Berlioz Marathon is forced to move into cyber space where we record our performance in a very professional manner."
The Győr Phil's dense and exciting programs vaguely remind us to our pre-pandemic, normal functioning. It is when we face the bleak sight of an empty hall do we realize that meeting with our audience again is still not within sight.
"It is a continuous challenge to get used to seeing no music-loving people around when we play. This makes it all the more relevant to have the necessary harmony (pun intended) between the conductor and the members of the orchestra. Artistic director Kálmán Berkes did a wonderful job preparing for this concert. His instructions and leadership resulted in a profound musical experience for all viewers and listeners" - concludes the head of the company.
The recorded version of the concert can be watched and heard gratis at 5:30pm on February 6, 2021, by clicking either on websites, or