Monday, 27 April, 2020 - 00:00

The Győr Philharmonic Orchestra has just paid 3 740 000 forints into the Győr Aid Fund created on March 19 by the mayor of the city, Csaba András Dézsi. Smaller and larger amounts are continually being received to help the fight against the new pandemic coronavirus. The money is mainly used to purchase protective clothing, gear, and life support systems. Contributions also help those who had sadly lost their jobs as a result of the emergency situation as well as those who now struggle to make ends meet. 

The Győr Aid Fund is open to even the smallest of donations and in turn allocates the money to places in dire need. Members of the Győr Phil profoundly understood our mayor's calling to stand by this cause unanimously. "Our over-a-hundred strong company is comprised of highly qualified, sensitive individuals who think responsibly and act accordingly in order to help better the present tough situation" - said director Géza Fűke. "Now that we face extraordinary difficulties every day caused by the coronavirus, my colleagues have all come through in fine style. They all donated money excessively to collect this huge final amount in record time. More than one of them touched their savings to show solidarity, and support the efforts made by our local municipality. This speaks volumes about how much of a matter of heart our city is for us."

102 GYPO members collected a total of 3 740 000 forints. A symbolic yellow cheque of that amount was presented in front  of the City Hall by viola principal Marine Szépszabó, and clarinet principal Dániel Anderkó. It was received by mayor Csaba András Dézsi.