Thanks, we stand united by you!

Thursday, 6 May, 2021 - 09:49
Köszönjük Csiky Győri Filharmonikus Zenekar covid összefogás kultúra

Some of our local cultural institutions, including the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra, have recently joined a campaign dubbed "THANKS, WE STAND UNITED BY YOU" launched by the Csíky Gergely Theater of Kaposvár.
The leading role players of our hapless Covid-19 ridden times are those working tirelessly in the forefront of our daily life every day: the ambulance, doctors, nurses, volunteers, soldiers, shop assistants, police, school teachers, and all those who make such tremendous efforts for our safety.

The applause the artists of our orchestra normally receive from our appreciative audiences is directed to them now.  GYPO has joined the above-mentioned campaign on the "International Day of the Theaters", March 27, 2021. The leadership of GYPO hereby encourages everyone to open their windows of their home at the normal starting time of our concerts, 7pm, and put their hands together for those who have been working hard for our health for quite some time now. 

The "THANKS, WE STAND UNITED BY YOU" movement called to life by the Csíky Gergely Theater of Kaposvár aims to express our gratitude and also plead with everyone to register for vaccination against this potentially deadly virus. 
At 7pm on March 27, the applause was all for our lesser known heroes working for our well-being!

That is what the "International  Day of the Theaters" was like in 2021!