Thursday, 6 May, 2021 - 09:47
Megdicsőült éj Győri Filharmonikusok schönberg mozart

"Still presented"  in the middle of the dramatic Covid-19 pandemic only smaller formations of the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra rehearse. However, our Károly Flesh season ticket series' concert dubbed "Transfigured Night" is scheduled to be broadcast as usual. You may listen to it online on March 28 at the same time the live concert was advertised. Our musicians are to perform the C major String Quintet by W. A. Mozart, as well as Anton Schönberg's work caĺled Transfigured Night. Hosted by artistic director Kálmán Berkes, this program is broadcast in the YouTube and Soundcloud portals as always.

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The two selected pieces for this program are significant masterpieces of their era and ever since. The C major String Quintet, composed in the spring of 1787, is one of the pinnacles of Mozart's chamber music in terms of its forms, instrumentation, and harmonies whereas Schönberg's work, written in 1899 for six string instruments, clearly employs the best elements of 19th century program music influenced so greatly by two giants, Richard Wagner and Johannes Brahms. 

We wish you a pleasant time tuning in to GYPO's chamber music concert on Sunday.